Hello! I’m Kirsten, the owner and principal planner at Fab Event Design.   A planner and designer at heart, Fab Event Design was born out of my love to make things pretty and make people happy.  I am passionate about connecting with people and being a part of their lives in big ways.  The wedding is a single day, but the relationship we build through months of planning, hours of preparation, and seeing two people and their families join together are what have drawn me to a career in event planning.  I have had the privilege to witness cultures and families in intimate ways that I am deeply grateful for.  These huge life moments punctuated by joy and beautiful details keep me coming back!  In addition to connecting with my clients, I have had the opportunity to work with the immense talent that is found in the Minnesota wedding industry.  How lucky am I to be able to create beauty along side these artists and call this work?


When I’m not planning weddings, you’ll find me spending time with my new husband and step-daughter doing spontaneous things like cruising on the motorcycle and traveling.  I’m too scared to drive the motorcycle, but I’m an excellent travel companion!  As a couple we’re really great at slow renovation projects and any excuse to have fun.  I’m a lifelong dancer and find my outlet for that passion through my years of coaching high school dance team.  The quickest way to my heart is with an iced latte, bad humor, or anything Kate Spade.